Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Holy Bible: Its All Importance

By Chris Lawson

The one thing that cults, cult leaders, and cultic doctrine will always do is lessen and twist the Person of Jesus Christ, His Deity, His work, His mission and His Personage.    Even the groups and leaders that place the Bible first, or don't use "other books'", they too somehow seem to manage to get things wrong.  If one takes the Bible as a whole, interpreting Scripture in context and using the basic skills of proper interpretation, one will clearly find the clear teachings of Scripture.  Not doing so always end in mischief.

The following article, originally published in 1824, speaks volumes to the Christian and non-Christian alike.  More than ever in our nation today, and for that matter in all of Christendom, we need to take to heart the importance of the Bible, first to read, then to love it and worship the God who inspired it and gave it to mankind.

A NATION must be truly blessed, if it were governed by no other laws than those of this blessed book; it is so complete a system, that nothing can be added to it, or taken from it; it contains every thing needful to be known or done; it affords a copy for a king (Deut. xvii. 18), and a rule for a subject; it gives instruction and counsel to a senate; authority and direction for a magistrate: it cautions a witness; requires an impartial verdict of a jury, and furnishes the judge with his sentence; it sets the husband as lord of the household, and the wife as mistress of the table:  tells him how to rule, and her how to manage.

It entails honour to parents, and enjoins obedience to children; it prescribes and limits the sway of the sovereign, the rule of the ruler, and authority of the master; commands the subject to honour, and the servants to obey; and promises the blessing and protection of its Author to all who walk by its rules.

It gives direction for weddings and for burials; it promises food and raiment, and limits the use of both; it points out a faithful and an eternal Guardian to the departing husband and father; tells him with whom to leave his fatherless children, and in whom his widow is to trust (Jer. xlix. 11); and promises a father to the former, and a husband to the latter...

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