Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exposing 'Pseudo-Christian' Cults

By Chris Lawson

The active link above and at bottom of this post will take you to a site that has links to what these groups CLAIM and BELIEVE.  The sites then EXPOSES the false beliefs.  The articles are from various ministries who have done in-depth research and exopsed the perversions of Scripture that these groups promote.

Do some of these titles ring a bell with you?

Another Jesus
Children of God/The Family
Christian Science
Church of Religious Science
Church of Christ (Cambellites)
Jehovah's Witnesses & WBTS
Mind Sciences
Mormonism - The Latter-day Saints
Oneness Pentacostals
Seventh-day Adventists
Snake Handlers
Spiritualist Churches
The Way International
Unification Church (Moonies)
Unitarian - Universalist Assoc.
Unity School of Christianity
Word Faith / Prosperity

Click on this link to read more about the dangers and Pseudo-Christian Cults and more...  Click here.